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What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers!

By: Straight to the Hips, Baby

Leftover Turkey

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Do You Have Lots of Leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving?

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Leftover Turkey Thai Green Curry!

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Often used in Southeast Asian Cuisines, curry leaves add a distinct, yet subtle flavor. We'll be using a green curry paste that includes lemongrass, chilis, & garlic.

What is Curry Leaf?

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Ingredients Include;

leftover turkey meat

vegetable oil

Makrut lime leaves

unsweetened coconut milk

Thai green curry paste


bell pepper

baby corn


fish sauce

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Not only will you use up that extra turkey from Thanksgiving dinner, but you can also use any leftover veggies too!

Why This Recipe is Awesome!

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Great for Kids & Busy Families too!

Mildly spiced and filled with lots of healthy vegetables & lean protein, your family will love this easy weeknight turkey dinner recipe!

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