How to Shoot Food Photography

Jessie-Sierra Ross

So, I hear you want to learn about Food Photography! You’ve come to the right place. I have been shooting & styling beautiful food for years.  Helping new food bloggers learn the basics is my passion!

Let’s get started!

If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. ~Ansel Adams

6 Fast Rules For Food Photography

01 Invest in the best new or used camera & lens you can.  

02 Think about your light sources.

03 Use fresh ingredients with bright colors

04 Buy a small amount of props, like plates & linens

05 Use editing tools, like Lightroom 

06 Find your Community 

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Find a Camera that Works for You!


DSLR, mirrored, mirrorless, or camera phone, find a camera that works for your life, budget, & niche!


Lighting as a Tool


Find a strong & reliable light source for your photography. A bright window with sheer curtains works wonderfully, or invest in artificial lighting.

Fresh Ingredients = Vibrant Color


Color is a big part of taking a MEH photograph, to a WOW photograph. Color + Light translate the "yum factor" to the viewer.

Food Photography Props


Having a variety of food props is important to setting the scene, but also drawing the eye to the subject you're capturing.

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Editing Software


Much of the magic of photography is done in editing. Look into both free & paid photo editors, such as Lightroom, to help correct your frames.

Find Your Photography Community 


Learning about photography never ends! Find other creators in your niche to learn from, collaborate, & create with!

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