Pairs Perfectly with Wine & Cocktails

Using Store-bought Puff Pastry Dough Saves Time!

It's an Easy & Elegant Summer Appetizer!

Made Without Any Artificial Ingredients!

4 Reasons You Need This Recipe!

Home Entertaining doesn't have to be stressful! Try this sweet & savory appetizer that comes together in a flash! Roll out some store-bought pastry dough, fill, & bake! That's it!

Simple Ingredients

A laminated dough, puff pastry is folded over & over with layers of butter. When you bake it, it puffs up & becomes flaky!


Fill with a yummy mixture of blueberries, corn, basil, butter, and creamy tangy goat cheese. Similar to a blueberry & goat cheese pie, these flavors are amazing!

Blueberry & Goat Cheese Bites are perfect for your next party or get together!